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Google BigQuery Connector Release Notes

The Google BigQuery connector allows you to access the Google BigQuery REST API through Anypoint Platform.

BigQuery is a RESTful web service that enables interactive analysis of massive datasets working in conjunction with Google Storage. The connector exposes Google BigQuery operations by executing their API calls as per configuration.

Read through the User Guide to understand how to set up and configure a basic flow using the connector. Review the connector operations and see how they work by reviewing the API Reference document alongside the demo applications.

Google BigQuery Connector v2.1.0 - April 30, 2021

Version V2.1.0 Compatibility

Mule Runtime4.2.1

Fixed Issues

  1. Error - ‘Could not serialize object’ in the output of ‘Get Query Result, Query and List Table Data’.

  2. NullPointerException occurred while trying to access property ‘nextPage’ if nextPage does not exist in result.


  1. Connector configuration allows passing service account key file content directly in BASE64 encoded string format along with service key file name.

Google BigQuery Connector v2.0.0

Version V2.0.0 Compatibility

Mule Runtime4.2.1


  1. Output of Google BigQuery connector operations are changed and simplified. Please refer Connector Upgrade Document for more details.

Google BigQuery Connector v1.0.0

Version V1.0.0 Compatibility

Mule Runtime4.2.1


  1. Authentication using Service Account Key

  2. Supports following operations of Google BigQuery service:

    • Cancel Job

    • Create Dataset

    • Create Job

      • Copy Job

      • Extract Job

      • Load Job

      • Query Job

    • Create Table

    • Delete Dataset

    • Delete Table

    • Get Dataset

    • Get Job

    • Get Query Result

    • Get Table

    • Insert All

    • List Dataset

    • List Job

    • List Table

    • List Table Data

    • Query

    • Update Dataset

    • Update Table

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